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Openlytics empowers Business Analysts to create their own data flows –– without waiting for Engineers.

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The problem

Your business teams are not empowered to work with data

Wait for engineering and IT

Business Analysts need to build reports, but spend months waiting for engineers to prepare the data.

Spend hours maintaining spreadsheets

Business Analysts bypass engineering, by copy-pasting data into spreadsheets. This leads to wasted hours manually keeping spreadsheets up-to-date.

The solution

Openlytics eliminates the barrier between your data and your teams

Self-serve analytics, without the wait.

Openlytics low-code product that empowers Business Analysts to directly transform and model data, without depending on engineers.

More agile business teams.

Your Finance, Operations, and Marketing teams can make better decisions with data, faster.

How it works

Three steps to automate your data flows



Load your data from 200+ different sources.


Transform and model

Use our visual designer to combine, prepare, and analyze your business data.



Send fresh results to your favorite reporting tools.

Why Openlytics

Openlytics is the modern way to transform your data –– right in the cloud

Cloud native

Transform your data and collaborate in the cloud, in a secure environment.

Flexible pricing

Pay only for what you use. Start for free and scale up as needed.

200+ integrations

Access to hundreds of connectors and APIs. No integration work.


Loved by business teams around the world.

“Using the Openlytics drag-and-drop UI, we achieved what previously required 1 Engineer and 1 Data Analyst. It’s the Swiss Army knife of data.”

Miguel / Head of Data Centers @ Proton

“The killer use case for Openlytics is automated reporting. It saves us hundreds of hours in repetitive Excel work.”

Steve / Principal @ Imec R&D

“Openlytics is the modern alternative to Alteryx. It works entirely in the cloud. And because of usage-based pricing, it’s accessible to small companies.”

Set / Management Consultant @ Trace3

“Openlytics was the missing tool in the Modern Data Stack. It is as friendly as Excel, but orders of magnitude more powerful.”

Jerry / Senior Data Analyst @ Discord

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